Special Studies

These are the assignments that require you to think "out of the box" and come up with imaginative solutions.

Like the time we ran into a client that asked us how to go about getting a private railway approved. We had 48 hours to find a solution..."

The diverse range of assignments undertaken by Inukshuk staff reflect the firm's eclectic interests and adaptability. Inukshuk staff believe in life-long learning and have a thirst for innovation. In numerous situations our open minds and interdisciplinary background brings a fresh, practical perspective that produces creative, achievable results. Our network of contacts provides access to a diverse range of technical experts in the sciences, engineering, academic and development fields.

We follow-up keeping in touch to make sure our recommendations have paid off for our clients. Our standards are high and we regularly audit our work looking for improvements in process and product. We are by nature "watchers and learners" consistent with our belief in life-long learning. We measure success in how our built projects mature and adapt over time to the changing needs of the community they are part of. Our critics say we care too much - we just smile and look for the next challenge, confident that our work will stand the test of time.


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