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Planners have many faces and titles but all share common beliefs. We have a stewardship ethic, caring about the environment we live in today and worrying about our children's legacy. We are "weather barometers", able to see into the future. We encourage open, transparent communication and are on a never-ending quest for wisdom. We seek out challenges, solving problems and preserving future options. We recognize beauty and respect different cultures and traditions.

Planning requires vision. Imagine trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the box! Our seasoned professionals guide and facilitate during the planning process. We help clients understand how communities and landscapes work so they can figure out how many pieces the puzzle has and what the picture on the jigsaw puzzle might look like. We especially like helping people discover how to manage and influence change in a positive way.

We have the technical expertise necessary to complete the assignment efficiently and effectively drawing on the multi-disciplined skills of our staff and consulting associates. We are creative and entrepreneurial, practical and solution oriented. Our working philosophy is based on stewardship and citizenship helping people understand the consequences associated with the choices we all make and our responsibility to future generations.

We start from the moral imperative that none of us has the right to mortgage our children's future. Rather we have a stewardship responsibility and ecological ethic that underpins the way we work. We look at resolving today's problems in the context of preserving opportunities for future choices. Whether we are designing subdivisions, writing policies or crafting regulations our objective is to add value. Our goal is to help others reach for the stars and achieve their dreams. We are also strategic thinkers, pragmatists who look for simple, creative solutions and measurable results.


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