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Landscape architecture is the art and science of analysis, planning, design, management, preservation and rehabilitation of the land

A landscape architect is sometimes described as a cross between an architect, a civil engineer and a horticulturalist. In the north, you can also add evangelist.

On the frontier, the business of survival is foremost and landscaping is sometimes seen as an "extra". The landscape architect’s job is to bring the word that functional and livable outdoor spaces are as important here as elsewhere - perhaps even more so. Surrounded by so much vastness, human beings need to be able to see the edges, to have safe and comfortable ways in which they can bridge the gap between the civilized and the seemingly endless wilderness.

Call it "extreme landscaping". We work within plant hardiness zones 1a through 0a, among the coldest found anywhere in the world. Manufactured materials that are typically used elsewhere are often unavailable here. Exceptional conditions such as permafrost require fast thinking and cutting-edge solutions. The growing season is short and the construction season even shorter.

We combine years of practical experience in the North with a commitment to bring the best of modern thinking to our design work, creating ways for people to explore their relationship with this sometimes harsh but always startlingly beautiful land.

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